Recently Added

  1. FetchImage

    Alex GrebenyukBy Alex Grebenyuk

    Download remote images using Nuke and display them in SwiftUI views. Supports caching, processing, rate limiting, and more.
  2. PolyKit

    Anton ⬢ HexagonsBy Anton ⬢ Hexagons

    Create rounded-corner polygonal shapes with configurable side count and radius values.
  3. PageView

    Kacper RączyBy Kacper Rączy

    A component that adds page-based navigation to SwiftUI. Supports horizontal and vertical page views and page control customization.
  4. MovingNumbersView

    Wirawit RueopasBy Wirawit Rueopas

    Display numbers using animated digit transitions. Supports digit customization, decimals, and negative numbers.
  5. PopupView

    ExyteBy Exyte

    Sliding toasts and popups for your SwiftUI views. Supports styling, custom animations, and auto-hiding.
  6. Gala

    Sven A. SchmidtBy Sven A. Schmidt

    Easily generate SwiftUI preview variants in Xcode. Support light/dark mode, layout directions, legibility weights, size classes, and content size categories.
  7. ActivityIndicatorView

    ExyteBy Exyte

    A collection of preset loading indicators. Provides a binding for showing the indicator and supports customization through the default SwiftUI modifiers.
  8. AdvancedList

    ChrisBy Chris

    Adds a custom list control with pagination, empty, error, and loading states. Come with helpers for move and delete actions.
  9. Kingfisher

    Wei WangBy Wei Wang

    Adds support for asynchronous downloading and caching of Web images. Provides additional image processing APIs and integration with SwiftUI.
  10. DynamicColor

    Yannick LoriotBy Yannick Loriot

    Create, manipulate, and inspect colors. Supports different color representations including hex, RGBA, and HSL.
  11. SwiftUI-Introspect

    SitelineBy Siteline

    Introspect the underlying UIKit or AppKit views behind any SwiftUI view. Works with both UIKit and AppKit.
  12. EnvironmentOverrides

    AlexeyBy Alexey

    Adds a control panel for changing color themes, accessibility settings, and localizations at runtime for testing purposes.
  13. FloatingButton

    ExyteBy Exyte

    Modular floating button menu with customizable layout and animation. Supports both vertical and radial menus.
  14. SDWebImageSwiftUI

    DreamPiggyBy DreamPiggy

    Display local and remote images in your SwiftUI views. Supports caching, animated formats, and more. Depends on SDWebImage.
  15. ViewInspector

    AlexeyBy Alexey

    Adds unit testing to SwiftUI by traversing the view hierarchy during runtime. Allows for inspecting state and triggering effects.
  16. Keyboard Observing

    Nick FoxBy Nick Fox

    Adapt your layout based on keyboard state changes through Combine. Easy to use through the provided view modifier.
  17. WaterfallGrid

    Paolo LeonardiBy Paolo Leonardi

    A waterfall grid layout view with configurable column count, item spacing, and grid padding. Comes with support for animated updates.
  18. SwiftSunburstDiagram

    Ludovic LandryBy Ludovic Landry

    Sunburst diagrams with nesting support. Comes with animated updates and configurable colors and images.